Since the very beginning, our goal has been to provide our customers with a "one-on-one" vaping experience. One of our greatest accomplishments has been creating a vaping community in which our customers feel confident in our product and welcomed into our store. Whether you are trying to quit smoking (we all know the struggle) or you are trying to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology, we are here to pinpoint your needs and meet them to the highest standards. No matter what your reasoning, VapeLand gives our oath to provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

When we opened our doors, we promised to be different than any other shop around. Our first step in fulfilling our promise was to set ourselves apart by proving that vaping is safe and healthy. We have done that with Platinum Nicotine. Each and every one of our delicious flavors is made with the purest medical grade nicotine in the world. It is what we call, the best of the best.

In closing, the most amazing part of the VapeLand experience is our professionals. You'll notice we don't refer to them as employees, and that is because they're much more than that. Their dedication, experience and knowledge is what makes our company a success.


Our focus at Vapeland is not only to carry the best quality product, but to give each and every customer a personal experience every time they visit us. We take the time to ensure that you not only have a personalized delicious flavor, but also a device that perfectly meets your vaping needs. All of our professionals are trained weekly in order to meet the standards of the continuously growing industry. If you have a question, they can answer it. They will provide you with the best quality products, but most importantly, you will leave our store feeling like a member of the VapeLand family.